Quanta Systems Ltd


Partnerships that add value to your business and enable you to take full advantage of technology.

At QUANTA SYS we see the success of clients’ projects like ours.
At QUANTA SYS we view the success of our customer’s projects as our own. Therefore, we have developed strategic partnerships with leading companies in the ICT industry, which together with our vast experience in designing, supporting and implementing technology, enables us to provide a seamless range of added value solutions that make the best use of technology from leading manufacturers in order to support all our customers in the region.
QUANTA SYS’s knowledge benefits from the partnerships, certified qualifications and agreements we have with the world’s leading technology manufacturers and suppliers: These agreements enable our professionals and customers to access state-of-the-art technology and fully utilize it to minimize risks, avoid obsolescence, improve productivity and enhance the corresponding user experience. Our objective is that our customer’s projects succeed
We have commercial partnerships with leading global IT product and device brands, who have become the company’s principal suppliers. These include Microsoft, Cisco, Dell EMC, VMware, HP, SAP, Autodesk, Intel, Red Hat, Lenovo, Lexmark, Aptos, SAS, Veritas, Fortinet, AWS and Oracle.