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Big Data & Analytics
Strategic data use: the basis for a successful Digital Transformation process.
QUANTA SYS’s Big Data and Analytics solutions can analyze, extract and monetize large volumes of heterogeneous data from multiple sources, then correlate, analyze and automate it, in order to improve business decision- making.
All Digital Transformation processes begin when organizations are able to extract data and run analytics on the largest volume of data that is relevant to their business. QUANTA SYS can work with our customers to guide and implement efficient solutions that intensively use analytical tools and big data and we emphasize the data capture and extraction process. The aim is to meet the demanding challenges that the digital revolution imposes on various markets, making them increasingly competitive, agile and efficient.

Big Data

How to take advantage of business data to identify competitive advantages.

Big Data is a solution that takes large volumes of heterogeneous data from multiple sources, then correlates, analyses and automates it, in order to improve business decision-making.

The Big Data process consists in extracting data from multiple sources, which is then filtered, sorted, structured and prepared for analysis, modeling and correlation, in order to produce useful business forecasts.

  • Technological benefits
  • Automate processes.
  • Rapidly respond to enquiries.
  • Protect data from unauthorized access.
  • Generate relational searches.
  • Mitigate losses.
  • Evaluate risks.
  • Digitalize business.
  • Increase predictability.
  • Transform business processes.
  • Provide flexibility and integration with the customer’s current data sources and applications.
  • Develop a backup repository.
  • Provide clarity and improve vision to support strategic decision-making.

Reporting Analytics

Greater visibility and intelligence to secure superior decision-making within your business.

Reporting Analytics provides a data management and governance strategy that delivers greater visibility to decision makers regarding the critical KPIs for your business, and visualization tools to better manage and monitor your key business processes.
This solution is ideal for customers who:

  • need to implement a data management strategy
  • do not have quality information for decision making, so need reliable and integrated data sources
  • need to develop a culture that encourages experimentation, data-based analysis, and continuous learning

Software Development
Our software’s are our pride. Each individual software we create, uniquely caters to our clients. We build our software’s just as we would build our websites, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing however software’s require a lot of back-end heavy lifting. This is where we utilise our team of young, top-notch professionals who have a vast wealth of experience and skills.

Software’s that we can create include but are not limited to:

  • Hospital management system
  • Human resources and payroll management system
  • Accounts management system
  • Vat management system
  • Order management system
  • ERP solutions
  • Inventory management system
  • University management system
  • File management system

And much much more!

In terms of languages and frameworks, have a look at the bottom of this page to see our combined skillset. With each person specialising in a different set of skills, we make sure our team caters to you. Your product showcases you and we build your product according to you.