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Technology to dream without limits: World-class design, security and operation, to safeguard your data and applications.

Our datacenter services provide our customers with computing environments that are secure, reliable, flexible and contain redundancy. We provide integrated datacenter and infrastructure solutions and services to the highest standards in the world, such as Tier III and Tier IV.

QUANTA SYS’s datacenter services have been designed to help organizations to manage IT risks and maximize IT performance using a range of services to host, monitor, manage, optimize, operate and maintain servers, communications equipment, data storage, basic software and applications. They ensure IT operational continuity and information security, and provide scalable infrastructure, so that our customers can implement their applications quickly and efficiently, according to their requirements.

Datacenter Managed Devices
Managed Server Services

Some of the major IT challenges facing companies today are achieving higher availability, improving utilization and avoiding IT asset obsolescence. Several studies have shown that the most efficient way to deal with this challenge is through outsourcing infrastructure services. This transfers the responsibility for various aspects of IT infrastructure, such as the acquisition, installation, migration, implementation, support and maintenance of expensive and complex servers.

Meanwhile, you need to address other problems, such as service levels to meet business needs, where your servers need to support your application and data processing requirements. The decision to transfer these responsibilities to a specialized supplier such as a QUANTA SYS solves various important business requirements, such as reducing IT costs and liberating working capital. This service guarantees the constant availability of leading-edge equipment and avoids losses from technical obsolescence, theft and damage. It also results in more efficient support and management for your servers.

Our Server Managed Device Services consists in outsourcing services for departmental and mission critical Intel servers, along with all the components necessary for their operation, such as disk arrays, backup and SAN connectivity units and the necessary software.

This service includes server procurement, dispatch to our customer’s premises, installation and commissioning, consulting, data and application migration, preventive and corrective hardware maintenance, customized support for the system administrator, equipment replacement when failures exceed agreed service levels, equipment removal from your premises at contract termination, insurance against damage and providing regular information regarding the contracted equipment, allowing you to control its useful life and location.

Datacenter Infrastructure

Storage and Backup

Current IT systems require data storage and backup solutions, to ensure that data is secure and always available.

At QUANTA SYS we can advise our customers on the many variables that should be taken into account when assessing an efficient storage and backup solution. These technologies have evolved very rapidly, which makes it difficult to recruit the expertise necessary to understand, implement and maintain them.

At QUANTA SYS we can design, sell, install and maintain SAN, iSCSI, DAS, NAS, and FCoE solutions for data storage and virtual libraries, together with traditional solutions based on LTO, SDLT etc., using various robotic libraries.


Data criticality, availability and security are essential parameters when defining the correct Database solution to meet the needs of your organization.

This decision is even more important when this information is destined for operational or transactional purposes, or where it is crucial for analysis and management.

At QUANTA SYS we have extensive experience in transaction management, in Business Intelligence and in Big Data. We market databases from leading IT industry suppliers that we support with a comprehensive service, comprising consulting, architecture, hosting, monitoring, support and maintenance services.


Corporations today require extreme integration, not only internally, but also with the business processes of their suppliers and customers.
The wide variety of technology applications, systems and tools that are used by organizations as well as their architecture, make it essential for businesses to develop a layer of software services that allow them to safely and efficiently communicate with the respective applications used by their customers and suppliers. Middleware software resolves this problem.
At QUANTA SYS we market tools from industry leaders, such as Microsoft BizTalk and IBM MQ Series.

Mail and Collaboration

The major benefits of implementing email and collaboration software are increases in personal productivity, reductions in communication and travel costs and increases in resource availability.
We have the necessary knowledge and experience to implement email solutions based on Microsoft Office 365, to the required level of security and availability, supported by continuing administration and support services. We also offer cloud email solutions, which are more flexible and easier to manage.

Security and Appliances

Security is an issue that needs to be addressed from a comprehensive perspective. It does not simply cover the most common threats to information technology, such as viruses and malware in general, but also encompasses service availability, intruder detection, minimizing information gaps and avoiding the leakage or loss of information.

At QUANTA SYS our Security and Appliances service is aligned with the standards contained in BS799 and Leader Auditor, enabling us to address the issue of security in a comprehensive manner. We use McAfee, Cisco and Symantec solutions, which cover both software versions and appliance versions that incorporate dedicated hardware and software.

The products incorporated into our solutions include: firewalls, UTM appliances (antivirus, antispam), IPS, vulnerability analyzers, NAC, and WEB/E-mail Security.


We can draw on our experience when advising customers on the correct selection of the most appropriate servers to meet their technical and financial requirements.
We can provide a very broad range of servers, which includes the HP Proliant and Integrity series in their Rack and Blade formats, and the IBM xSeries and pSeries also in their Rack and Blade formats.

Server manufacturers offer Blade technology based on a chassis with high-density server “cards”. These increase server density in a flexible and integrated architecture that helps to minimize the space used, and reduces and optimizes energy consumption.

In addition, we provide a complete range of virtualization and server consolidation services and the most comprehensive enterprise cloud services in Latin America. These include solutions and services based on the QUANTA SYS data-center network that includes two Tier3 data-centers, on the implementation of private clouds at customer’s facilities, and on server implementation, support and maintenance services.

Operating Systems

Choosing the Operating System for your organization is a strategic decision, which will depend on the support required and application compatibility, including potential extensions for high availability solutions that may be required, etc.

Adequate knowledge of these variables is crucial to make a suitable recommendation that does not jeopardize future business growth or business continuity.

At QUANTA SYS we have the necessary experience, knowledge, qualifications and business alliances to make recommendations that are independent of manufacturers, and to take responsibility for marketing, implementing and supporting the most important operating systems on the market.


Virtualization is a technology that has enabled us to make more efficient use of a server’s capabilities. It has enabled us to consolidate on one physical server various virtual servers at rates ranging from 5:1 to 30:1. The benefits include savings not only in the number of servers, but also in terms of energy consumption and the use of space, in addition to providing services with high availability by moving them between physical servers.

This technology delivers high-availability solutions to those environments where it was previously not financially viable, or to deploy a virtual desktop, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing the security of a desktop solution.

In QUANTA SYS we sell, implement and support virtualization software supplied by the global leader, VMWare. We are appropriately qualified to the VAC Standard (VMWare Accredited Consultant), and we have already implemented several successful projects using this technology.

Server Consolidation and Virtualization

Companies should plan to have flexible data storage and processing resources that adjust to the demands of their business, which can be due to a new system implementation, or when demand is likely to grow as a result of business growth or expansion.

Our Server Virtualization and Consolidation solution allows you to reduce space requirements in your own or third party’s data-centers, through the use of high-density servers (Blades). These provide an architecture that supplies servers in a flexible manner and on-demand, reducing down-time due to equipment failure or planned maintenance.

Storage Solution

As businesses grow, they acquire servers to store and process data and applications, which tend to occupy an increasing amount of physical space and become a problem to manage.

QUANTA SYS’s storage solutions enable our customers to store their data according to their requirements, which improves the quality of their services, their application security and data access speed, among other critical aspects. This is achieved by providing the latest generation of storage equipment, that optimizes space using compression and de-duplication processes, reduces platform costs and simplifies equipment management, regardless of whether this equipment was supplied by the customer or QUANTA SYS.

IDC research indicates that the volume of data processed by companies will be 50 times as much by 2020, which makes it imperative that companies consider storage solutions that foresee this increase in terms of physical space, energy consumption and associated costs. The main problems that can be found include:

  • Complicated administration
  • Problems controlling growth
  • Data access is slow
  • Non-redundant machines
  • Computers that are not replicated or are not high availability
  • Increased operating expenses, due to energy, hardware and deployment
  • Excess staff to manage machines
  • Numerous computers in the data center
  • Difficulties to grow using existing infrastructure


QUANTA SYS provides its customers with hardware and software support solutions, which may include:

  • Design and Architecture: coordination between business, technology and consulting departments to define the scenario, investigate available solutions, estimate deployment projects, evaluate technological risks and estimate the various financial options. Includes designing mission critical and backup environments, considering certified platforms, manufacturer’s recommendations, structures and operability, platform administration, recommended methods and evaluating current platform environments.
  • IT Diagnosis: evaluation of current operating conditions for the platform and for storage, and includes: analysis of platform performance, identifying optimal conditions for platform performance and potential improvements that would overcome its limitations; analysis of the environment’s configuration, processing structure, base platforms and applications, etc.
  • IT Consultancy: expertise in technology to meet specific requirements. This service addresses the requirement with a flexible perspective, defining and selecting specialists with suitable profiles, in accordance with the complexity and scope of the particular requirement. It includes IT auditing at third parties, research and benchmarking, acting as counterpart for IT suppliers, etc.

Business value

  • Reduction of operational costs by using equipment with lower power consumption and cooling systems.
  • Reduction in administrative costs the technologies used are simpler to administrate.
  • Continual improvement of operations using units with advanced replication technologies and high availability.
  • Optimization of space by compressing and de-duplicating data.
  • Technology that reduces the costs associated with drives, by using software layers that use various drive technologies, such as SSD, SAS, NL-SAS. Moving data according to its use: the most frequently used information is moved to the fastest drives (SSD) and information less frequently used is stored in the slower drives (SAS, NL-SAS).
  • Enables the read/write cache to be extended without having to exclusively rely on additional controllers.

Count on an expert

  • Access to a team of specialized consultants with extensive experience in storage solutions for multiple industries, who hold qualifications in the most commonly used computing methods.
  • Comprehensive knowledge regarding the business requirements for IT management and its related processes.
  • Regional alliances with major brands in the IT industry.
  • QUANTA SYS is a multi-brand partner It provides the most suitable technologies to meet the customer’s requirements.
  • It provides end-to-end storage solutions which includes deployment, commissioning, document preparation and training for users and operators, and post-deployment support.
  • Extensive experience delivering storage solutions within QUANTA SYS’s own facilities, or at third parties.