Quanta Systems Ltd


Flexible and secure technology to continue growing: World-class flexibility, security and operating processes that address the challenges arising from Digital Transformation.

QUANTA SYS’s cloud computing services provide our customers with computing environments that are secure, reliable, flexible and contain redundancy. We provide integrated hybrid and public enterprise cloud solutions and services using datacenters and computing infrastructure certified as complying with the highest standards in the world, such as Tier III and Tier IV.
Our broad portfolio of solutions and services are the ideal choice for organizations facing challenges such as an explosive increase in demand, seasonal business cycles, or optimal resource use, etc. Furthermore, we provide computing infrastructure that is web-based and scalable, so our customers can quickly and efficiently deploy their applications, in accordance with their requirements.

Cloud Adoption Assessment

Explore the most cost-effective, secure and efficient strategy to take advantage of the enormous benefits of the cloud.

Our Cloud Adoption Consultancy service consists of identifying organizational maturity with respect to cloud technologies, and establishes a roadmap or action plan to helps our customers to advance in the adoption, migration and operation of Cloud solutions.

This service includes the following:

  • Access and security management.
  • Financial management of cloud consumption and its governability.
  • Operational strategy, SLA’s, compliance.
  • Information governance.
  • Strategy and modeling of application development cycles.
  • Process suitability and cloud integration.
  • Standardization of criteria, nomenclatures, etc.


Some Solution Benefits:

  • Provides an overview of services, and suggests recommendations that are impartial and efficient for the customer.
  • Streamlines the ability to connect agile and modern processes with traditional ones.
  • Increases service availability, by eliminating the risk of technological obsolescence on legacy platforms.
  • Improves operational efficiency, resulting in sustainable technological development.

Migration Service

Securely and efficiently migrate to the Cloud, to safeguard the operational continuity of your business.

Our migration service focuses on advising and supporting our customers while they transform their services and applications to hybrid cloud environments. We take advantage of the best alternatives, services and optimizations available in the cloud today.
This service mainly covers our customer’s requirements and challenges as they migrate their current services to cloud environments, which may require amending them where feasible and/or necessary, or migrating them as they are.

This service comprises three sub-services:

  • Integral Migration Assessment.
  • Cloud Architecture Assessment
  • Cloud Optimization Assessment


Some Solution Benefits:

  • Access to cloud and application experts, who can provide an integral service that transforms, modernizes and optimizes applications, then migrates them to the cloud.
  • Cloud architecture and consumption optimization consultancy, which ensures resilience, security, quality, flexibility and optimization when building solutions and services in cloud environments.
  • Reduce infrastructure investment and expenditure without affecting the performance or availability of IT services.